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Panther Weekly

VARSITY Record Varsity (1 - 7)
Tuesday lost to Alton 73 - 58
Friday lost to Collinsville 57 - 54
JV Record (4 - 0)
Tuesday beat Alton
Friday beat Collinsville
SOPH Record (4 - 0)
Wednesday beat Alton
Saturday beat Collinsville
FROSH Record - (2 - 2)
Wednesday lost to Alton
Saturday beat Collinsville

VARSITY Record 4-3 (2-1 conf.)
Beat Alton 66-23
Beat Collinsville 63-52
JV Record 2-3
Beat Alton
Lost to Collinsville
FROSH Record 3-1
Beat Alton 49-40
Lost to Collinsville 55-59

VARSITY Record 6-0
3392-2963 win over Alton.
Andrew Orf rolled a 739 and Justin Hess had a 703 leading the way.
Justin Hess rolled the teams second 300 this season.
3225-2690 win over Granite City
Junior Josh Bradshaw led the team
Josh rolled a 697 series with a high game of 268.
3325-2643 win over Edwardsville.
Senior Justin Hess and Bradley Solomon led the Varsity. Hess led the team with a 731 series and received support from Bradley Solomon with a 690 followed by Andrew Orf with a 681 and Josh Bradshaw with a 662.
JV Record 5-1
Beat Granite City
Sophomore Eli Rosenberg and Sophomore Matthew Doyle average over 200.
Beat Edwardsville
Sophomore Eli Rosenberg led the JV team averaging 218 and Sophomore Matthew Doyle added a 200 game.

VARSITY Record 3-1
Beat Edwardsville
-Madison Kasza 700 series
Beat Granit City 2787-2183
Lost to Alton 2743-2850
-Freshman Hayleigh Williams rolled 617 in the effort.


Saturday, December 12th, 2015 – IHSA Competitive Dance Invitational at
Waubonsie Valley High School
Out of 34 3A routines performed, we placed 13th and 21st.
Competition at Althoff Catholic High School
1st place trophy in the Lyrical category
2nd place in the Jazz category.
Freshman Laura Edwards was also given a Rising Star Award
Placed 7th in an 11 team invitational
Max Gibbs and Michael Meyer were the team’s top point earners


Play Smart. Play Hard.


Student-athlete safety has and will continue to be a  top priority at OTHS. We are proud to support the Illinois High School Association as they launch the Play Smart. Play Hard. campaign to enhance student-athlete safety. Visit the PSPH website here: www.PlaySmartPlayHard.org


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